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Nature has always been a source of fascination for me due to its uniqueness, power, and beauty. The figures and landscapes I create express the connection I have with the Earth and energy I feel when I am exploring the world around me. The organic lines of the female form and the parallels with the lines in nature inspire me; many of my paintings depict tranquil moments of solitude or harmony in nature. The subject matter of my work ranges from studies of the female form and landscapes, to expressing personal struggles or dreams that emerge from within.


Morgan was born in Connecticut and raised in North Carolina. She has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Her earliest memory was sitting on the stairs of her house in Greensboro, NC, trying to copy the butterflies printed on the wallpaper. Throughout high school, she excelled in Physics and Calculus and decided to pursue mechanical engineering or an architecture. Ultimately, she attended Clemson University from 2002-2006 and graduated with a BS in Graphic Communications with a minor in Advertising.  


For the next 12 years, Morgan focused on her career in printing and publishing. She worked in Technical Sales for Hewlett Packard in Atlanta, as a manager for a Digital Printing Department in San Diego, and currently as a Senior Program Manager for Amazon’s self-publishing company in Charleston, SC. 


In 2018, she decided it was time to go back to her roots of creating art. She completed an online program through the Visual Arts Passage for Illustration and attended the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, MO, that summer. In January 2019, she took a 3-month sabbatical from Amazon to focus on building her Illustration portfolio and to travel. During her second round at the Illustration Academy in June 2019, with her teachers’ guidance, she decided to focus on Fine Art.


Morgan currently resides in North Charleston, SC, and is the creator of the Park Circle Art Walk (developed in response to markets and galleries shutting down during quarantine in 2020). Her latest work includes watercolor paintings, oil paintings and mixed media paintings. She enjoys experimenting with new mediums and continues to explore figures, landscapes and still life as well as more conceptual ideas involving the human form and nature.



2018/2019 Summer Workshop, Illustration Academy, Kansas City, MS


2018 Visual Arts Passage (online), Kansas City, MS


2006 B. S. Graphic Communications, Clemson University, Clemson, SC



Group Exhibitions


2022 Concurrent Solo Exhibit with Emily French, VentureX, North

Charleston, SC


2022 Concurrent Solo Exhibit with Keller Lee, Charleston, SC


2022 Park Circle Art Walk , North Charleston, SC

(Participating Artist and Curator)


2022 Park Circle Gallery, North Charleston, SC

2021 Untapped Art Fest, Tradesman Brewery, Charleston, SC


2021 Piccolo Spoleto Juried Art Exhibition, Charleston City Gallery, Charleston, SC


2021 ArtFields, Lake City, SC


2021 Park Circle Art Walk , North Charleston, SC

(Participating Artist and Curator)


2020 Park Circle Art Walk, North Charleston, SC

(Participating Artist and Curator)


2020 Nature of Us Paintings by Celeste JB. Morton, Maggie Eli, and Morgan East, Tradesman Brewery, Charleston, SC


Awards, Publications, Press, and Auctions

2022 Featured Artist for Art on the Beach, Sullivans Island, SC


2021 MUSC selected Artist, Charleston, SC


2021 Heart Ball Donor, Charleston, SC


2021 Fox 24 News Now, Charleston, SC


2019 Annual Redux Auction participant, Charleston, SC



Gallery/Retail Representation


2022 - Present VentureX, Park Circle, SC

2022   Simpatico Gallery, Charleston, SC


2020 - 2022 Accent on Wine, Park Circle, SC

2019 - Present The Station, Park Circle, SC

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