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Charleston Farming Series

For this series, I met with three different farmers located in the Charleston, SC, area: John Warren (Spade & Clover Gardens), Casey Price (Jeremiah Farm & Goat Dairy), and Harleston Towles (Rooting Down Farms). Each farmer was kind enough to let me chase them around with my camera for a couple of hours and share their stories with me. I quickly learned how lonely and stressful farming can be. I have always been interested in farming (and have secretly wanted to become a farmer myself), but I saw firsthand how it is a 24/7 dirty job. However, there are moments of peace and beauty hidden underneath: the turnover of plants lying dead in between rows of their replacements; the light at dawn and dusk; the sounds of creatures and insects nestled in the trees; and the colors of the sky, plants, and trees are all extraordinary. 

5% of all sales for this series will be donated to Lowcountry Local First and the Lowcountry Food Bank

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