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Park Circle Art Walk Sign-Up Instructions

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Fall Art Walk Details


Date: Saturday, October 16th

(Rain Date will be October 23rd)

Time: noon to 5pm


Please note, we extended the length of time to 5 hours to allow attendees more time to see all of the vendors. We ask that everyone who participates keeps their display up for the full 5 hours.


Fill out Spreadsheet 

Go to the google sheet here

Mark Y or N in the first column next to your name to let us know if you will participate or not.


If you are new to the Art Walk, please add your information in the bottom row.

Confirm all columns are filled in with the correct information. 


Notes about Columns D and L

For the question in column D, we are trying to figure out methods to allow artists outside of Park Circle to participate. Therefore, if you agree to share your yard, please note this also means you are agreeing to share your bathroom. You are not required to share your yard. 

If you are already sharing with someone you know, please call this out in column D.


Upload Images

Please upload 2 images representing the items you will be selling at the Art Walk in the Spring here.

These will be used for promotion on Instagram and FB for the days leading up to the event.

Must be JPEG or PNG

Please name the files as First Name_Last Name_item description (if the files are not named this way, we will not be able to use them).

Please keep them small-no more than 3 mb


Submit Payment

Submit your payment of $20 by February 1st.


There are 2 options for payment:

Venmo: @Morgan_East


Make payable to Morgan East

Mail to: Morgan East, 4755 Churchill Rd., SC 29405

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